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Charger for Zip'r 3, Zip'r 4 and the Xtra Series Mobility Scooters

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Need a replacement for the original Charger that came with your Zip'r mobility scooter? This is it.

Don't fret if you have lost your original charger for your Zip'r scooter. You are not the first person to leave it behind on a vacation... and you won't be the last. Just replace it and you will be all set.

Because the battery on your Zipr scooter can be easily lifted from the scooter, you can use this charger whenever it is convenient for you. Of course you need an electrical outlet... but you can charge it in the garage, the shed, on your kitchen counter or while still in the scooter.

The charger you will receive will look exactly – or almost exactly – like this one, although what you receive may be slightly different in appearance – but we guarantee it will work perfectly! Zip’r upgrades their chargers as they improve in reliability and durability.


  • Compatible with the following Zip'r mobility scooters: Zip'r 3 and 4, as well as Zip'r 3Xtra and Zip'r 4Xtra
  • All is not lost. Recharge your battery easily with this off-board charger.
  • Your battery pops out of the scooter so you can plug this charger into the most convenient outlet and charge away.

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