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Erec-Tech 1000 |Manual Penis Vacuum Pump

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Part Number:Boca Manual Erec-tech B1000

The Erec-Tech 1000 Manual Penis Pump is designed with intimacy in mind. A effective and natural way to treat Erectile Dysfunction, this innovative vacuum therapy system produces lasting results in a short time. Featuring the Easy Pro 1000 pump head, which is spring-loaded so the vacuum is activated by simply pressing down on the pump head in a repeated motion, the Erec-Tech 1000 is a very comfortable system to use because the user can easily control the speed at which the vacuum is created. The Erec-Tech 1000 comes with the Ez-Load support ring loading system that helps the user perfectly place the support ring onto the penile tube every time. The Easy Pro 1000 Pump Head has both internal and external safety release valves. The internal release valve automatically activates if the vacuum has created too much pressure. The user can activate the external safety release valve by pressing the red button on the pump head.

The Erec-Tech 1000 Manual System comes with the following components:

  •  Easy Pro 1000 pump head
  •  Standard penile tube
  •  Loading cone
  •  Ez-Load support ring loader
  •  Adapter bushing – 'B' bushing (medium)
  •  Ultimate Round Rings – 3 sizes (#1 small, #2 medium, #3 large)
  •  AquaGel personal lubricant
  •  Instructional DVD
  •  Carrying case

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