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Stove Burner Safety Shield - Prevents accidental burns when burner is still hot

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Protect your family and your utensils from preventable accidents

You are cooking on a red hot burner on the stove. When you are done, you turn off the burner, take your pan or skillet and put it on a trivet. The phone rings and you answer it. Of course, it is a “robo” call so you hang up. You see your half-empty glass on the countertop. You open the refrigerator for an ice cube…and it slides out of your hand and drops to the floor. As you reach down to pick it up, you put your hand on the stove to steady yourself. AND BURN YOURSELF! BADLY! Why? You remember looking at the stove a minute before and it was basically black, not red. 

The reality is that the red goes away (or the flame if you are using a gas burner) the instant you turn off the burner. You were distracted. Nothing was there to warn you or your children that the burner was still very hot. Or maybe as you moved the pan off the burner, you accidentally pushed a plastic utensil on it. Now they are burned or partially melted and unusable. I know that I have done that occasionally. But no more. 

Just unfold the 3-sided Stove Burner Safety Shield and put it around the burner with the center panel in front of the burner. That way, no children’s fingers or distracted adult’s hands get burned and no dinnerware ruined. 

The three panel shield can also be used as a Splatter Guard while you are cooking, protecting you and your counter from spills or splashes. 

Three tall, 10” x 9” folding panels protect you from getting burned when you turn off the burner and forget that it is still hot. 

Large Warning label included which alerts your family that the burned is still dangerously hot. 

Can also be used as a Splash guard while cooking to keep counters, walls and floors splatter free! Panels open easily and quickly and fold down for easy storage. 

Each is 10” x 9” / 25.5 cm x 23 cm. 

Weighs only 10.9 oz. 

Durable nonstick finish is easy to clean! Hand washing is best.


  • PROTECTS FROM ACCIDENTAL BURNS. The Safety Shield protects you and your family from accidentally burning yourself on a hot burner even if it has been turned off. After cooking, just place the three-panel screen in front of the still hot, harmful, stovetop burner creating a protective barrier between it, you and your children. MAY ALSO BE USED AS A SPLATTER GUARD. You can protect your stove tops and walls from messy spatters. Put panels behind your pan or bowl while cooking.


  • WHY YOU NEED IT. After you have finished cooking, you turn off the burner. But, as you undoubtedly know from prior bad experiences, it is still dangerously hot. And it is easy to get distracted by a phone call, a child, a cooking timer or something else. That is when you forget it is still hot and accidentally put a utensil, plate, plastic cup or your fingers on the burner. The Safety Shield in front of and around the burner creates an obstacle between the still hot stove top


  • WARNING LABEL ALERTS YOU TO DANGER. For your added protection, we have placed a large warning label on the center panel of the Safety Shield. It shows a picture of a red-hot electric stove burner making it clear that no one should touch it. The Safety Shield also works for gas burners. But the picture of the hot electric burner is more visual and helps your children more quickly understand the danger


  • OPENS AND FOLDS QUICKLY. EASY TO WASH. The panels fold down flat for easy storage, take up very little space and open easily and quickly. The Safety Shield has a non-stick surface, so it is easy to clean. Each panel measures 10” x 9” & is made from durable aluminum. It will handle high heats and everyday use with ease


  • BONUS OF 3 FLEXIBLE CUTTING BOARDS INCLUDED. These easy-to-clean plastic cutting boards are coded so you can use different ones for meat, poultry, fish, greens or whatever. They measure 7½” by 11½” with rounded corners on one side and square corners on the other

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