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Basket for Zip'r 3 and Zip'r 4 Mobility Scooters

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The Zip'r Basket comes with all of the necessary hardware needed for attachment. It is sturdy and great for carry groceries, personal belongings, bathroom supplies and more.


  • Compatible with both the Zip'r 3 and Zip'r 4 Mobility Scooters
  • Slips easily onto the mounting bracket at the front or at the back of your Zip'r scooter
  • The depth is about 8 inches; the width is about 8 inches at top, and tapers down to about 5 inches at the bottom
  • The shape of the basket tapers down from a length of about 11.5 inches long at the top to about 8.5 inches long at the bottom, (where it has tapered down)
  • Made of wire mesh in an oval shape

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